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Why Do We Believe Terrible Things About Wedding Videos?

When most people think about wedding videos, they think of cheesy home movies that feature the bride and groom awkwardly dancing around the living room. While it’s true that some wedding videos can be cringe-worthy, there are also a lot of great wedding videos out there that capture all the important moments of the big day. In order to help you decide if hiring a videographer is right for you, here are 5 myths about wedding videos that are busted!

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Wedding Videos
Wedding Videos

Myth #1- Wedding Videos are Cheesy

When it comes to the old myth that Wedding Videos are cheesy with a lot of corny guest interviews you can that TV sitcoms that popularized that view. Quite the opposite it true. Most professional Wedding Videographers take their trade seriously and spend considerable time going over what’s important to the bride & groom on their big day. What you end up with is a classy wedding film that’s both emotional and preserves your memories.

Myth #2- You Can Wait to Hire a Wedding Videographer

This is one of the worse myths because it leaves so many couples disappointed in their wedding day. The NUMBER ONE regret brides have after their wedding day is not hiring a Wedding Videographer. Wedding Videos are sought after and if you don’t book at least a year in advance you could be scraping the bottom of the perverbial barrel or worse, you could be forced to go without a video at all. Find out when the best time to hire a wedding videographer: 

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Wedding Video

Myth #3- The Longer the Video the Better

YAWN, this myth about wedding videos almost put me to sleep. Kind of like Lord of the Rings did. Yes. I went there. A longer wedding video does not mean it’s better. It means there’s more chance of getting bored and frustrated before you’re done watching it. Your favorite sitcoms (you know the ones guilty of Myth #1?) run about 20-25 minutes and that’s the perfect amount of time to keep your attention while still being enjoyable. I’m not kidding about LOTR, oh and I won’t even click on a youtube video that’s longer than 14 mintues. I’m peacing out on that one. No thanks. 

Myth #4- Photography is Enough For Me

I swear this is one that Wedding Photographers created so they don’t have to share the spotlight with wedding videos. I kid, I kid. In all reality, while photography is an important part of capturing a wedding, wedding videos are often just as important, if not more important, than photographs.

There are many reasons why wedding videos are so important. First of all, a video can capture things that photographs cannot. For example, a video can capture the emotion of the day, including the laughter and tears of happiness. A video can also capture the ambiance and feeling of the wedding day, which is something that cannot be captured with photographs alone. What should be included in your Wedding Video?

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Myth #5- A Friend or Family Can Just Do Wedding Videos

When it comes time to choose someone to capture your wedding day memories on video, you may be tempted to ask a friend or family member. While this can be a cost-effective (and super cringe-worthy) option, there are several reasons why you should consider hiring a professional videographer instead.

First of all, wedding videos are a unique and important keepsake. They document the emotions and excitement of your big day in a way that photos can’t. A professional videographer has the experience and skills necessary to capture all the important moments of your wedding in a beautiful and cinematic way.

Second, hiring a pro ensures that your video will be high quality. With all the planning that goes into your wedding, it’s important to have someone you can trust to handle the filming. A professional will have the latest equipment and editing software, ensuring that your video is polished and perfect.

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Wedding Poses

What Myths Did we Help you Overcome about Wedding Videos?

In conclusion, there are many myths about wedding videos that need to be debunked. Weddings videos can be a great way to capture your memories and relive your day for years to come. They can also be a great way to share your day with friends and family who were not able to attend. However, wedding videos should not be used to replace photography. They should be used as an addition to photography in order to capture all of the important moments of your wedding day.

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