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What Is a Wedding Photo Booth?

What Is a Wedding Photo Booth?

Wedding Photo Booth

I’m sure by now you’ve heard someone talking about having been to a wedding with a photo booth. Or maybe you’ve been to a few weddings with Photo Booths yourself! Just what is a Wedding Photo Booth and why do you need one for your own reception? Wedding Photo Booths are the fastest growing trend in Wedding Entertainment for a good reason. First, they offer you the chance to capture in the moment memories with your guests that you’d miss otherwise. Secondly, they offer your guests some amazing entertainment at your wedding. (I mean, come on now, not everyone can stay on the dance floor all night. Everyone needs a breather here and there.) Finally, they make for some pretty awesome peronalized Wedding Favors. That’s right. You can skip the cheesy tiny bubble bottles with your initials on it. This is a Wedding Favor your guest will actually appreciate. 

But what exactly IS a Wedding Photo Booth? You’ve seen a ton of rental options in different price ranges and it can be confusing to sort them out. In fact, you might remember the boxy little novelty at the mall you squeezed into with a friend or 2 that printed out a grainy photo strip. Well, Photo Booths have come a long way, BABY!! Now they are mobile and offer a variety of print styles, templates, color options, and even camera options. Some booths are geared for social media sharing or even Instagram printing! How will you decide what booth is right for you? Of course, as a consumer the first thing you’ll think to ask about is price, but don’t let that be your deciding factor. You’ll need to choose a photo booth that suits your style and gives you the options that you are looking for. You’ll also need to know what makes a Photo Booth a REAL Booth and not just a cheap knock-off that will disappoint you. Let’s talk a little bit about the different styles of Photo Booth and what some of the most trusted wedding planning sites are predicting will be trending in 2021-22.

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Green Screen Photo Booth
Photo Booth Props

Real Booth or Cheap Knock Off? 

I think the first thing we need to talk about is a REAL Wedding Photo Booth versus a Knock Off. The first that comes to mind is a DIY Photo Booth. Everyone has a budget range and I am NOT bashing anyone for sticking with their budget, but it’s important when you’re deciding what to have to understand the vast difference between doing it yourself and a pro. 

There are clear advantages to hiring a Professional Photo Booth Rental. First, the obvious reason: The professional does this every single week and they know what they are doing. They deal with all the hassle of creating your booth design, strip design, bringing professional equipment, set up, tear down, etc. It’s easy for you to just tell them what you want and sit back and say cheese. A DIY booth requires you to buy all the materials to make a backdrop and you have to haul it in and set it up yourself. You also have to purchase your own props and cameras. And after all that work and money you don’t even get a cool Photo Strip with your names and date on it. You get a regular old 4X6 photo of your guests that you hope Uncle Frank didn’t get his thumb in the way of while he was taking it with the disposable camera you left out for him to use. There’s no guarantee that any of your hard work will pay off. 

Different ‘Styles’ of Wedding Photo Booths

Beyond the DIY Booth is a variety of different styles. Some I consider Knock-Offs because they don’t give you the full experience. Some, are just different experiences and it’s up to you to decide which experience suits you best. We’ll start with the booths that offer the least options or experience and move our way into the powerhouse booths.