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Where to Take Maternity Photos?

Maternity photography is a popular way to capture the beauty of expecting mothers. As you plan your maternity photo shoot, you may be wondering where is the best location to capture these special memories? It’s first important to consider When You Will Take Maternity Photos. (There are some tips in that article.) That’s because the time of year may effect your final decision. But, here are five great locations for your maternity photo shoot to get you inspired!

Maternity Photo Shoot
Maternity Photo Shoot
Maternity Photo Shoot
Maternity Photo Shoot

The Beach or Lakefront

This is almost a no-brainer for those of us living in Erie, Ashtabula, or Chautauqua Counties on Lake Erie. The lake is a huge focal point of our lives. It’s the backdrop of so many moments day to day. 

The shoreline is the perfect location during any season as well. During every season there are gorgeous sunsets over the water. In the summer you can go barefoot in the sand. In the fall find a lake cliff sprinkled with vivid leaves. In the winter the frozen lake looks mysterious and awe inspiring. Finally, in the spring life is blooming all around the water with soft petals and butterflies. Just remember that no matter which season you shoot in to dress appropriately for the weather. The fall and winter seasons on the lake are windy and chilly. And in the summer the sun can be harsh. 

No matter what season you take schedule your Maternity Photo Shoot the lake is an ideal setting for you. It’s one of our favorite locations to shoot at and that’s why I listed it first.

Maternity Photo Shoot

A Park or Arboretum

I say Park and I know you Erie-ites think Frontier Park. Heck, I say Arboretum and you think Frontier Park. If you’re like me this park is a monumental part of your childhood. My school used to walk us over there weekly for activities and study. And, it is such an ideal place for a maternity photo shoot. It’s one of the most popular photography places in Erie County. With lush sprawling lawns, a creek, and gorgeous trees it’s beautiful every season. 

Frontier Park isn’t the only outdoor park area that is a beautiful backdrop. Consider Asbury Woods where we took the image adjacent to this. Fields of wildflowers were so awe-inspiring. We loved it so much after this maternity photo shoot that we returned for some family photos later on. 

Another hidden gem is McClelland Park in the Wesleyville area. While Frontier & Asbury are popular locations that may be crowded, McClelland is hidden away not far off of 38th Street. It’s perfect for some quiet moments. And you may meet a few friendly puppies. 

Maternity Photo Shoot

Your Wedding Venue

I know this one will make you sit up and take notice. But this is one of the most unique places for a maternity photo shoot that I can think of. I’d like to say I came up with it on my own, but I’m not sure. 

However, if you chose any of the amazing local venues we have near us you’d be amiss to skip this opportunity. Venues like Majestic Woods, Mound Grove, Lakeshore Vineyards, Quincy Cellars, and Whispering Trees all have breathe taking backdrops for a maternity photo shoot. In addition, you’ll be documenting your journey together in a place that’s embedded in your story. 

The most important thing to remember when planning your maternity pictures at your wedding venue is that you need permission from the owners. You’ll have to verify that they don’t have any events booked the day you’d like to shoot. Also, for insurances reasons many venues do have a small fee associated with photo shoots happening on their property. This helps protect you in case of injury or accident while at their location. It’s always best to be respectful and ask. 

Maternity Photo Shoot

At Your Home

What better way to capture this magical part of your journey than with a Lifestyle Maternity Photo Shoot. A lifestyle shoot basically means ‘captured in real life’. Invite your photographer into your home to capture you putting the nursery together. Imagine the memories you’ll be able to look back on. Your family will cherish being able to peer into this intimate and beautiful bonding time. In addition, years later you can share how much you already loved your child by going through these images together. 

Another reason a ‘Homestead’ Session is great, is that you’re completely comfortable in your own surroundings. There is no time period that you have to settle in to a location you don’t normally spend time in. And most of us love our homes. We’ve decorated it the way we want and it expresses who we are elegantly. It’s one of the best ways to freeze this moment in time and preserve it for future generations. I highly suggest this type of shoot if you’re introverted or uncomfortable in a public location so you can better enjoy your session. 

Maternity Photo Shoot

A Portrait Studio

I decided to include this option because I’ve had a few brides tell me “I’m an indoor girl.” when we’ve planned their engagement and wedding photos. It makes sense to me that not everyone relishes spending time outside. And, if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast it would be odd for you to capture your milestone moments outside. 

There is nothing wrong with an indoor or studio Maternity Photo Shoot. In fact, there can be some perks! In the photo adjacent we were able to set a light up behind the backdrop to create a neat lighting effect to show off this mom-to-be’s belly. We would never have been able to pull this shot off outdoors. But being inside a studio allowed us to use tools not available at a location shoot. 

Studio Maternity Photos Shoots may be more Editorial in style. That means you’ll look and feel more like a supermodel with a polished, sharp look than an outdoor session. In addition, many studios provide a selection of indoor backdrops, props, and sometimes even outfits you can use for your photos.

In conclusion, maternity photo shoots are a great way to capture this special time in your life. If you’re looking for some inspiration, consider one of the five locations mentioned in this article. Not only will you have beautiful photos to remember this time by, but you’ll also have some amazing memories of your time spent in these special places.

Maternity Photo Shoot

Begin Planning Your Photo Shoot

Now that you have a better idea on where you’d like to have your Maternity Photo Shoot we encourage you to reach out and set up a time to chat with us. We can’t wait to capture this milestone moment in your journey. 

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