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There is a laundry list of expenses associated with getting married: Flowers, food, alcohol, music, etc. One thing that can sometimes get overlooked in the wedding budget is photography. When deciding on photos for the wedding, it may be tempting to use an amature to save some money, but that isn’t always the best idea. When thinking about wedding photography there is a difference between wondering how much a wedding photographer costs, and wondering how much you, personally, should spend on wedding photography. The answer to this is as individual as the weddings themselves and depends heavily on several factors. Here is a breakdown of things to consider when deciding how much you should spend on wedding photography. 

How Important Are Wedding Photos?

One of the biggest things you need to assess is how important wedding photos are for you and your significant other. Keep in mind that this may be one of the most important events of your adult life, and you will want to remember it forever. Not only that, but you will want something to show future generations. It isn’t just about the event, but the memories of love and joy for that moment. This is particularly important if you are able to have parents and grandparents at your wedding. They may not be around when you have your own children and it is nice to have a piece of your loved ones that have passed. These tangible memories are something you should take into consideration when deciding on a budget for your wedding photos. 

How Big Is The Wedding?

Odds are, that if you are looking at wedding photography then you already know approximately how big of a wedding to expect. The size of the wedding is a big factor in deciding how much to invest in photography. If you are having a smaller, more intimate wedding, then one photographer is perfect. However, once you start getting over 150 guests, you will need more than one photographer to cover it all. However, even smaller weddings can warrant more than one photographer if it is a larger venue, or an outdoor wedding with a lot of space. Having two photographers can help capture moments happening in different locations at the same time. It also increases the chances of getting different angles, and pose ideas and benefiting from the experience of them individually, and as a pair if they have worked together before and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

What Is Your Wedding Photography Budget?

Magazines, and some wedding professionals, say that wedding photography should take about 15% of your wedding budget. This can, and honestly should, be used as a loose guideline of what to spend on wedding photos. This is because there are too many variables included in what you need for your specific wedding for that to be a hard and fast rule. However, say, 10% can be a more reasonable jumping off point. If possible, factor in a minimum of 10% or so based on your must-haves for photography then adjust accordingly. For instance, if your 20% flower budget comes in under, then you can roll that extra money into the photography budget in order to afford a couple of the extras that you want.

What Extras Do You Want?

Part of the cost of wedding photography are the extras. But what extras do you feel like you need, and what is not necessary to you?

A standard generic wedding photography package will usually include something like the following: 

  • 8-12 hour photo session.
  • Family, bridal party, and wedding posed portraits. 
  • Coverage of the ceremony and reception.
  • Gift exchange 
  • Cake cutting
  • Etc 

These are the normal offerings, but some photographers offer extras that may cost extra but can really make a difference in the experience of your wedding. 

For example, Erie Wedding & Event Services offers a variety of other package options such as: 

  • Engagement Photos: Proposal pictures are a fun way to announce your engagement, and it offers an opportunity to meet your photographer for the wedding and work out any kinks. This also gives them a chance to get to know your likes and dislikes in a way that can make the wedding day run much smoother. 
  • Wedding drone photography and videography: Drone photography and videography is a spectacular new perspective that can really add to the experience of wedding photos, such as in an album. 
  • Photo booth rentals: Photo booths are such fun. They capture the best parts of people and are small keepsakes for such a big night for you, and all of your guests.
  • Wedding Videography: Wedding videography has evolved since the days of Uncle Larry telling a terrible joke for you to see in a decade. Now, it is elegant and shows every important moment as it happens. Plus it can be downloaded and shared with family and friends.
  • Couples Photos: These are not necessarily part of the wedding photography budget, but they are a great thing for Newly Wed couples to do to capture the continuation of their love story. It can be done right after the wedding or on the anniversary of the wedding day. 

Erie Photography: Professional and Stress-free!

If the idea of figuring out what you should pay for wedding photography is stressing you out, the best thing you can do is take a step back. Breathe. Then call a couple of local wedding photographers in the area to help you get an idea of pricing and what they offer because no one knows more about photography than a professional photographer. However, you should always keep in mind that price is not always a direct reflection of quality, and that you should look at sample photos, and ask plenty of questions about their style before deciding on a photographer.

Capture the memories of your big day by choosing Erie Photography. We provide professional affordable photography packages for all those big days leading up to (and ON) your big day. Check out some of our work here.