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How to Choose Wedding Colors

You may be in a pickle on how to choose wedding colors that are perfect for the biggest day of your life. You know it affects everything from Wedding Invitations to Bridesmaids Dresses. But, did you know it also affects your Wedding Photo Collection? The Wedding Palette you choosee will not only set the tone for your Wedding Day, it will also set the mood in those cherished memories your Wedding Photographer captures.

Before you make your final choices you’ll want to look at some helpful tips. Following these 7 tips will help you make sure that your big day looks perfect in person….and in pictures.

Choose Colors in Person

I’m going to share a trick with you about how to choose your wedding colors that I learned from my photography team. Every monitor you see is calibrated differently for color. That means, your work computer, tablet, and phone all show color slightly differently. Seeing a color on the computer doesn’t mean that’s what it will look like in real life…or in your Wedding Photos. You must take the time to see those colors in person to decide if it’s right for you.

How to Choose Wedding Colors
How to Choose Wedding Colors

Take Your Venue Into Consideration

You may be wondering how thinking about your venue will help you choose wedding colors. Well, your venue should have the biggest impact on your color scheme. Talk to your venue about how the room you’re in is decorated. If the venue has deep navy carpet and grey walls you don’t want to pick a color scheme that will clash. Your guests will feel uncomfortable AND your Wedding Photos won’t be as stunning as they could be.

Use a Color Palette

Many brides make the mistake of thinking EVERYTHING has to match perfectly. Don’t lock yourself into a dull color scheme by limiting yourself to only 1 or 2 colors. A palette of 5-6 colors allows you to mix things up a bit and creates something artists call “depth”. Using complimentary colors and shades of your main color creates interest that will make your guests feel comfortable and leave your Wedding Photo Collection breath-taking.

How to Choose Wedding Colors
How to Choose Wedding Colors

Consider Your Bridesmaids

Are you unsure how to choose Wedding Colors that compliment everyone? Don’t forget your bridesmaids. These gals have stood alongside you through thick and thin. You want them to look spectacular on your Wedding Day as well. Consider that someone with light hair & skin will look washed out in pastels, or someone with red hair will look blotchy in red or orange. Taking into consideration your bridesmaids gorgeous assests and picking colors that make them look stunning will leave them feeling (and looking) like a milltion bucks.

Focus on More Than Flowers

I’ve seen more than my fair share of brides forget everything except the flowers when decorating. They forget that even the smallest detail can add ambiance to their wedding day. Many DJ’s offer Up Lighting in an array of colors. Your center pieces, linens, and party favors (like an awesome Wedding Photo Booth) can all incorporate elements from your Wedding Color Palette and tie everything together in one epic wedding experience. Don’t stop with flowers.

How to Choose Wedding Colors
How to Choose Wedding Colors

Choose Your Colors Early

Deciding on your Wedding Color Palette should happen pretty early on in your Wedding Planning process. How early? Many brides make the mistake of choosing Wedding Colors before considering all of the other things we’ve gone over and even worse…..without the our final step (below). Choose your colors shortly after reserving your venue, choosing your bridal party and hiring your photographer. That last part may seem a little odd, but we’ve given you some hints already why this is so important. Read the next tip to find out why it is.

Remember Your Wedding Photos

Okay, so we’ve gone over lots of tips on how to choose Wedding Colors and now we get to the most crucial step of all. Remember your Wedding Photos. Above all, your Wedding Photo Collection is the most essesntial part of preserving every detail of your Wedding Day. Your Photographer will document everything from flowers to sparkler send off. And above anyone else your photographer understands how color effects pictures. Consult with your photographer before settling on the color palette you’ll use. They are experts on color in pictures.

How to Choose Wedding Colors

Begin Planning Your Wedding Portraits

Now that we’ve gone over the essentials of how to choose Wedding Colors, reach out. We have a team of experienced photographers who have been trained in using color and light to create stunning Wedding Portraits. We’d love to talk to you about how we can capture YOUR Unique Wedding Memories. And, we’re always here to talk to you about all the details of your Wedding Day, big or small, and how they’ll affect your Wedding Photo Collection. Don’t miss a moment.

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