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Where to Take Engagement Photos

Are you wondering where to take engagement photos? While we’ll focus on some sweet local spots in Erie, Pa, we’re also going to cover the basics. So, don’t worry. Even if you’re getting your engagement pictures done somewhere else you’ll still find helpful ideas in this blog. 

Choosing the location of your engagement photos is probably the most crucial step in setting the scene for your engagement photo collection. Picking the wrong scenery can ruin your photos and leave you feeling deflated. So, let’s talk about the right places…for you. Because every love story is unique so each couple should choose a location that fits them the best. 

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Where to take engagement photos
where to take engagement photos

How To Decide Where to Take Engagement Photos

Picking the perfect spot for your engagement photos should be as easy as having a quick conversation with your betrothed. Eve Frank, Wedding Planner with Erie Wedding & Event Services gives this advice “Sit down and have a quick talk about several locations in your local area. Talk about indoor versus outdoor and areas that mean something to you. Come up with a list of your top 3 spots and then present that list to your Wedding Photographer. They will be able to tell you about the lighting, scenery, and mood for that area to help you finalize which location works best for you.”

She goes on to say “In fact, once you’ve talked about location, your photographer can help you decide when to take your engagement pictures and even what to wear.” We’ll go over some tips to help you create that list here.

where to take engagement photos
Where to take engagement photos
where to take engagement photos


The first thing our Wedding Planner Expert suggests is deciding if you want to do indoor or outdoor photos. For many couples this decision is based on the season and weather. However, most couples try to do a combination of both. For instance, we took Engagement Photos in December and began walking in the snow outside and finished up inside in front of the Christmas Tree and a roaring fire. Think about your own likes and personalities. If you spend most of your time together inside, reflect your relationship. If most of your joint activities are outside consider an outdoor based session.

where to take engagement photos

A Special Place

Deciding where to take engagement photos means thinking about what’s special to you. Taking your photos in a place that has significant meaning to you will make you feel more comfortable and at ease. It will also bring back loving memories and set the mood. We worked with a couple once that loved hockey. In fact, he was a hockey coach and she attended all the games. They asked to take their engagement pictures in the rink he coached at. They followed through by having hockey pucks at their wedding day.

where to take engagement photos

Celebrating Your Wedding Day

When deciding where to take engagement photos many couples don’t even think about their Wedding Venue. However, many venues will gladly allow you to come out and take photos on the property…as long as you ask first. We’ve done this several times with couples who wanted to tie their engagement collection together with their wedding collection. I mean, you picked the venue because you loved it. Makes sense to use it for the scenery in your engagement pictures. Just remember that a weekend photo shoot is probably out because venues are busy on Friday decorating, Saturday celebrating, and Sunday cleaning. Try for a weekday if this is your goal.

where to take engagement photos

Best Places in Erie, Pa to Take Engagement Photos

Now, let’s talk about the local area and some of our favorite spots to take engagement photos in Erie County. Remember when choosing a popular location to also consider when you’ll be there. Popular locations are spots you should visit during slower periods of the day. Lunch and dinner time when people are out and about means losing precious photo time as you wait for people to clear out. 

Lake Erie Shoreline

Living on Lake Erie, you can’t be surprised that this is the #1 place where to take engagement photos. Lake Erie Shoreline is more than 15 miles long in Erie County giving you a ton of sweet spots. Heading west into Lake City or East into North East gives you many rural beach and bluff areas. Staying closer to the heart of the city of Erie you have the East Avenue Pier and Bicentennial Tower. Urban sprawl can make a pretty nice backdrop for your lake front photos.

where to take engagement photos

Presque Isle Park

If you’re wondering where to take engagement photos in Erie, Pa I’m sure Presque Isle has come to mind. With everything from stretching sandy beaches to shady walking trails, tandem bike rentals, and lighthouses this State Park is a photographers dream. At certain points of the park you can even see clearly across the bay to downtown Erie to catch the skyline behind you. 

Where to take engagement photos

Frontier Park

When talking about where to take engagement photos, Frontier Park usually comes up first. This large, sprawling park has many hidden gems. There is a pleasant winding creek running through the center surrounded by aging willow trees. The park is full of wide open rolling greenery and there’s even a playground to pretend you’re a kid again. 

where to take engagement photos

Covered Bridge in Waterford

South of Erie in Rural Waterford, Pa is an old covered bridge that’s no longer in use. It’s nestled over a bubbling creek with a dirt road leading up to it on either side. We’ve captured some of our favorite engagement pictures along this abandon stretch of road. In fact, there are train tracks a short walk away that make an excellent spot to steal a kiss.

where to take engagement photos

Vineyards & Orchards

Many busy city residents don’t even consider the farmlands when choosing where to take engagement photos. But, Erie County is ripe (get it, ripe?…I’ll see myself out.) with Apple and Cherry Orchards, Grape Vineyards, and Corn Fields. Each of these farm types is in bloom at different times of year making them an excellent option for outdoor photos. Visit the cherries in the late spring. Check out the Corn Fields in the fall around harvest time. Finally, pay tribute to the Apple blossoms during the later summer. 

where to take engagement photos

You may want to pick a location to take your engagement photos while also thinking about the time of year you’re taking them. You can find out more about When to take Engagement Photos in our blogs.

After deciding when and where to take your engagement pictures you’ll need to begin planning your outfits. Let’s talk about What to Wear For Engagement Photos.

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